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Torrance Adult School thrives on "Education that Works." Being in existence as early as 1918, TAS continues to embrace traditional and non-traditional as well as technology-mediated approaches to learning. TAS's educational programs are of high academic quality. They are accessible, affordable, sustainable, and market relevant. Programs such as Parent Education, Older Adults, and Community Interests, are nearly self-sustaining offering a plethora of courses that consistently seek to remain current. English as a Second Language (ESL), Career Education, and Adult Literacy & High School Education programs are also evolutionary in the constant development of new courses as well as new learning strategies and methodologies to reach all learners. All courses are designed to develop communications skills, critical thinking, collaboration and creativity, all of which are needed to enhance personal, academic, and career success.

Although each of the three Torrance Adult School Centers offer a variety of classes, each is known for a particular program. The Levy Adult Center is the most updated campus due to its former temporary use as a Middle School and primarily offers Career Education courses. The Griffith Adult Center primarily offers English as a Second Language (ESL) courses and the Hamilton Adult Center is known for Literacy, High School Diploma, and High School Equivalency courses.


Torrance Adult School has a very rich and strong heritage. Classes for "Torrance Evening High School" located at Torrance High School, date back to 1918 under the Los Angeles School District and included commercial, academic and citizenship preparation. In 1924, enrollment grew to 675 students with course offerings in Spanish, Math, Commercial, Art, English, Shop and Dressmaking. Torrance separated from the Los Angeles School District in 1947, while adding Nursing, Business and English as a Second Language (ESL) classes to the Adult School Catalog. By 1976, enrollment had grown to 5,000. By the year 2000, Torrance's Adult Program was the 5th largest in the state of California and the new century began with 28,700 enrolled status, 600 course titles and 370 teachers.

In 1974, Hamilton closed as an Elementary School and reopened as an Adult campus. Grace Wright Elementary School was converted to hold Adult Classes in 1979 until 1986, as were several classrooms at Levy Curriculum Center in 1980. South High School, other TUSD school sites, as well as various community sites also housed Adult classes during that time. In 1996, Griffith Adult Center opened and later three triple size modulars on the Levy site were constructed for Career Education computer classes.

Torrance Adult School was consolidated in two campuses while the Levy Adult Center became a temporary home for a TUSD Middle School during demolition and reconstruction of the original Middle School campus beginning in the Fall of 2007. After moving to several temporary locations, Torrance Adult School returned to the Levy Adult Center in 2011-2012 resuming a third campus of our Adult Education programs. Historically and presently, our programs grow and change to meet the needs of our local Community and School District.

Title IX

The Torrance Unified School District is committed to protecting students' and employees' civil rights and ensuring all District programs and activities provide an environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, and intimidation and/or bullying. Visit our Torrance Unified School District-Title IX page, for a complete explanation of this federal law.