Remarkable Adjustments

two girls building a Jenga tower

Remarkable Adjustments

Coming back as been fun and the kids have made a remarkable adjustment to all the new ways of doing things.  Whether it is rotating through play stations on a daily basis, finding the designated spot where they are to sit at lunch, maintaining well-spaced lines or keeping their masks in place, the kids have managed it all.

The parents, through PTA, have been quick to respond to COVID needs—supplying fun games to spice up playground stations, providing lanyards for the kid’s masks, or meeting virtually with no complaints.

Teachers and staff have been there to greet the kids each morning in a safe and orderly manner and to see them home with the same care.

The Yukon community has come together to provide the safest and best place we possibly can for our children to learn.  With gratitude I thank everyone for their tremendous patience and help.