School Procedures

Arrival Guidelines

To ensure a safe and timely arrival of all students, please follow the directions at all times: 

  • All volunteers and visitors with scheduled appointments on campus must sign-in through the school office.
  • The cafeteria opens at 8:30 a.m. for students eating breakfast. Students may enter campus through the front gate or cafeteria door. Parents may enter the office from the front school gate if leaving meal money.
  • Students in 1st-5th grade are to put their backpacks on their designated blue bench outside the cafeteria and proceed to the basketball playground. They are not to linger in the hallways. Parents are to say goodbye at the gate and exit. If they want to eat with their child in the café they may, however, when the bell rings all parents must exit. The children will then pick up their backpack and proceed to their classroom.
  • Kindergarten students are to report directly to the cafeteria if eating breakfast or to the K playground with their backpacks. Parents are to say goodbye at the gate and exit. Student helpers will escort Kindergarten students from the cafe to their playground.
  • Please use caution, drive safely and enter and exit the front of the school slowly, alert to the fact that a child, despite supervision, may dash across the roadway in front of your car.
  • The front of the school is for staff parking only.  There is a sign that clearly says “Staff Parking.” Please find street parking or park past the exit and walk students to the front gate when not using the drop off.


  • All children leaving through the front of school need to wait behind the wall in front of the cafeteria until they see their parent. Parents waiting for siblings need to supervise their children that have been picked up. There is no running around/playing on the front lawn as it is too close to traffic.


  • All visitors attending school events during school hours must sign-in and sign-out through the office or front gate at the time of the event.
  • Parents are welcome to attend all assemblies on the first Wednesday of every month at 1:15. 

Conflict Resolution

We are working toward helping students improve their interpersonal skills by teaching them different alternatives to solving problems they experience in learning to get along with other children. Before coming to an adult about a problem, we are asking students to use some of the following strategies to try and solve the problem themselves.

Conflict Resolution Strategies

Talk it over. Listen.

Walk away.

Say, "I'm sorry".

Do something else.

Take turns.


Ignore it.

Ask for help.

Use rock, paper, scissors.

If these strategies are not working they may write a white slip where they explain the problem and place it in their grade level envelope on the Principal’s door. The principal will then give additional support to the students as needed.

With this plan we hope students will learn skills that will help them throughout life by developing a sense of responsibility for their behavior. Students will become more confident in their decision-making skills, while they build good self-esteem. 

Playground Structure

Rules & Discipline

We have high expectations for student behavior at Yukon. Your child's safety is of utmost importance to us. Please review and discuss these rules with your child periodically during the year to ensure that they understand your support of a safe and orderly school. A copy of these rules is sent home to parents at the beginning of the school year and to each new student when he/she enrolls. Parent and student signatures are required signifying that they have reviewed the school's discipline policy and rules. 


  1. Treat all people and things with respect and dignity.
  2. Follow directions of all teachers and staff members.
  3. Use the bathroom and get a drink at recess.
  4. Use appropriate language (no profanity).
  5. Walk in hallways.
  6. Play and run only on the playground.
  7. Stay off of the service road on the playground.
  8. Keep toys at home, this includes fidget spinners.
  9. Keep hands, feet, and objects to self.
  10. Touch only their own backpack and belongings.
  11. Swing in a sitting position, moving back and forth only.
    a. Count to 20 and no count backs on the person. 
  12. Use the bars safely.
  13. Respond to the freeze bell immediately by:
    a. Freezing and squatting down or holding a knee if it is wet
    b. Listening for their grade level whistle and then walking to their classroom
    c. Holding and carrying equipment (no bouncing balls in the halls or swinging ropes etc.).
  14. At dismissal time:
    a. Leave school campus promptly.
    b. If you don't leave, sit behind the front wall while waiting to be picked up. After 10 minutes students will need to go to the office.
    c. If you do not see who is picking you up, report to the office.
  15. Walk bikes and scooters on and off of campus, and always wear a helmet.
  16. Keep the campus clean (no littering).

Behavior that may cause harm or injury to another person, such as rock throwing or fighting, is never tolerated. Such matters will be dealt with in a serious manner.

Yukon Elementary School has a standardized consistent program of rewards and consequences for behavior. All students following our "Husky Bark", Be Kind, Act Responsibly, Respect Others, Keep Safe, will be rewarded with "Husky Bark" slips and will be entered in a drawing for a reward. 

Students who do not follow school rules will have to attend Friday detention or will receive additional consequences. Detention is during Fun Friday and students will not be allowed to buy popcorn or juice. If your child breaks a school rule, he/she will notify you with a pink slip, which you must sign and the child must return to school. If your child fails to return the signed slip your child's teacher will give him/her a new pink slip assigning 2 days of detention instead of one. If there is no response at this point then you will receive a phone call from your child's teacher. 

School Climate

Students enjoy a positive climate for learning. Listed below are some ways in which this is achieved:

  • Assemblies are held the first Wednesday of every month with awards given for citizenship, scholarship, and special effort.
  • Students from several upper-grade classes choose to become "buddies" to primary students. These shared activities help build self-esteem in both older and younger children.
  • Numerous students assist as cafeteria helpers, messengers, and tutors. Such activities help all students develop leadership skills.
  • Husky Bark tickets are awarded for positive behavior.  A student who receives ten of these in a trimester will receive a necklace with a Husky Paw and a Good Citizen Ceriticate