Online Resources

Yukon students begin using online learning resources at school at least once a week in Kindergarten. By 2nd grade, they are using them every day. Many of these resources are available for students to use at home to continue their learning.  Explore the resources on this page for information on how to login to Clever and other learning apps at home. Download this quick reference guide here.

Online Resources for Kids

ST Math (student must log in through Clever)

RAZ Kids (student login required)

Achieve 3000 (student login required) (free courseware; login with student etusd account)

Scratch (free coding program)

Scratch Jr. (free coding program)

GoNoodle (free and paid versions available) (free program)

Tynker (paid subscription required)

Epic Digital Library (paid subscription required)

Resources for Parents

ST Math Resources for Parents

Parents Guide to ST Math at Home

16+ Summer Math Activities for Kids

How to Log into Code.Org from Home