Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are not allowed at school. Balloons, gifts and treats can be disruptive to the learning environment. In lieu of birthday treats, we encourage you to donate a book to the classroom library. The donation of a book is entirely optional.

Dress Code

There is a definite relationship between good dress habits, good work habits, and proper school behavior. At Yukon, the Dress Code will be enforced in order to encourage school-appropriate behavior at all times. Students may wear hats outdoors, but are expected to remove them indoors and upon request. Hoods may not be worn at any time so that students’ faces can always be visible. Flat, closed-toed shoes must be worn at all times. See-through fabrics, bare midriff tops, spaghetti straps, and clothing not concealing underwear are prohibited. In general, shirt straps must be at least 2-inches wide.

Home Made Foods

In accordance with county health laws, home-made or home-baked goods may not be served to students in the classroom. These goods are still permitted at PTA or other functions that occur outside of school hours.

Money & Valuables

Children should only bring money to school to meet lunch needs or for other school-approved activities. Most families pay for their child’s lunch online using the Titan Meal Service. Children should not bring valuable articles as the school will not be held liable for lost or broken items.

Physical Education Equipment

From time to time, school equipment “strays” from school. Parents and students have a responsibility to question the appearance of such items as soccer balls, and make a direct effort to have them returned to school. Students may only bring personal play equipment to school with permission from their teacher and with the understanding that all children may play with it and the school is not liable for loss or damage.

Toys, etc.

These shall not be brought to school except with the teacher’s permission to “share.” They shall remain in the classroom unless specific approval is obtained from the principal. This includes trading cards of any kind, such as baseball, Pokémon, etc. Hard balls, marbles, water pistols, slingshots, and other items of a dangerous or nuisance type will not be allowed. No iPods, iTouch or computerized games on phones may be accessed at school at any time. Please note that laser pointers are considered a dangerous object and subject to all disciplinary actions as outlined in the No Tolerance Policy including 5-day suspension and recommendation to expel.

Wellness Policy

Starting in September 2007, Torrance schools implemented school Wellness policies in accordance with SB12 and SB965. These policies outline specific goals relating to nutrition and physical education in schools. The law requires that only Senate Bill compliant food items be served at school in the cafeteria and during classroom events. This is a joint effort between the state, the district, the school and the PTA to support a school environment in which active and well-nourished students are more likely to attend school and are better prepared to learn.

Damage or Loss Of School Property

Students shall be held liable for damage to or loss of school property. Please note Educational Code, Section 10606 quoted below:

“Any pupil who willfully cuts, defaces, or otherwise injures in any way any property, real or personal, belonging to the school district is liable for all damages so caused by the pupil.”

Please help us protect our school from vandalism by reporting any unusual activities to the Torrance Police Dept. at (310) 328-3456.

Homework Policy

Homework is an extension of the instructional program and shall be regular in accordance with the needs and abilities of the student. Homework shall be explained before it is taken home.

Homework should be independent practice to reinforce skills previously taught in class. Time spent on homework will vary according to individual needs and abilities.  Time should not exceed the following guidelines:




20 to 40 minutes


1 Hr. 30 minutes to 2 Hours


2 to 3 Hours


3 Hrs. 20 minutes to 4 Hours

Independent Study

An independent study contract has been developed to provide students with class work while they are away from school due to family business or vacation. If you are planning to have your child out of school for five days or more, please contact your child’s teacher at least a week in advance, so that an independent study contract can be developed.


The Torrance Unified School District does not carry medical or dental insurance for children hurt on the school grounds; unfortunately, children do get hurt, sometimes seriously. If your family health insurance does not cover accidents, it might be worthwhile to invest adollars for this coverage. Low-cost accident insurance for children is available through a District-sponsored group plan. We strongly suggest that every child be protected in this manner. The information and application are in the Annual Notification of Parent’s Rights and Responsibilities. This document is located on www.tusd.org.

Lost and Found

Lost and found articles are collected and turned into the office. Students losing any item should check in the bin and the rack outside the office side door. Student clothing such as jackets, sweaters, and coats and items such as backpacks and lunch boxes should be marked with the student’s name. After advance notice is given to students and parents, lost and unmarked items will be donated to charity.

Lunch and Expenses

Yukon Elementary has a computerized lunch payment system. Each student will have an ID card in the cafeteria. Students are encouraged to memorize their ID number to type in the keypad.  Parents may put money on their child’s account by sending cash or a check payable to “TUSD.” Envelopes are available from the school office. Online payments are also available through https://family.titank12.com. You will be notified when your child’s account goes below six dollars. If you prefer that your child never eat in the cafeteria, please notify the cafeteria in writing. As always, students may continue to pay for meals on a daily basis. *




$  .50


$  .50



*Prices subject to change.

The information and form for Free and Reduced Lunch is enclosed in the School Information Packet.

Reporting of Academic Achievement

Student progress is reported to parents in three ways:

  1. Parent-Teacher Conferences
  2. Progress Reports
  3. Trimester Achievement Reports

Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled twice each year. Progress Reports are issue throughout each reporting period. These serve to alert students and parents of any unsatisfactory achievement or citizenship grades. Report Cards reflect a student’s achievement and serve as a basis for academic awards and recognition. The final report card will not be issued until all library and other school books are paid for or returned.


Bicycle Safety

Only students in grades 4 and 5 are permitted to ride bicycles to school. Bicycles must be walked while on school grounds and students must obey all safety rules. A bicycle rider must provide his own lock and chain and must wear a bicycle helmet. Bicycles must be removed from the bike parking area each night. Riding a bicycle is a privilege and can be revoked by the principal for violations of the bicycle rules. Skateboards, roller skates and scooters are not permitted at school.

Dropping Off and Picking Up Students

Please exercise caution when dropping off or retrieving children. Do not drop children off in the staff parking lot near the cafeteria. Moving cars and district trucks pose a safety hazard for students exiting cars. The spaces in the Yukon School parking lot are assigned for staff only. Students who walk to school should come directly to school. Stopping by local stores is not safe and should be discouraged. Students are not allowed on campus prior to 8:30 AM. There is no supervision provided until 8:30 AM.

Students should leave the campus immediately upon dismissal. Remaining to play after school (with no adult supervision) is not allowed. Students who walk home from school are encouraged to walk with other students and not alone. Students who have not been picked up by a parent when the teacher goes off-duty will be escorted to the office to wait. Students attending after school programs or clubs are expected to leave the campus as soon as they are dismissed. Students who attend the After-School Club must follow the same playground and equipment rules that are in force during school hours.

In order to ease congestion in the hallways, parents walking their children to school are requested to say good-bye to their children at the front gate. Please do not stand by the classroom doors, at the end of hallways or by inside gates at arrival or dismissal times.

Parents and Visitors on Campus

Guests and volunteers are required to sign a volunteer/guest registry and supply photo identification. Guests and volunteers must sign in and out on the registry.

School volunteers who assist on a regular and ongoing basis are required to complete a Volunteer Application and have a Megan’s Law or a State/Federal Background Check. Proof of a current negative TB test is also required.

To prevent classroom disruption, parents must bring lunches, money, books, etc. to the school office rather than taking them directly to their child’s room. Parents are welcome and are encouraged to visit the school and their child’s class. However, please check with the teacher in advance. Unannounced visits may cause disruption to the instructional program.

Playground Supervision

There is no supervision before or after school hours. Please have your child come to school after 8:30 AM and leave campus immediately at the end of the school day. This is for their safety.


According to Municipal code 63.4.030, skateboards and rollerblades are prohibited on school grounds at all times. Violators may be ticketed and fined by the police department. Students may not ride or wear these items on school grounds. School will not store these items if students bring them to school.

Absences and Attendance


It is necessary, according to state law, that we know whether the absence is due to:

  1. Illness
  2. Medical Appointments
  3. Bereavement
  4. Personal Reasons

Upon returning to school, your child must present to the teacher a signed note indicating days, dates of absence and the reason(s).


 Your child is considered late if not here at the 8:50 a.m. bell. Late students must sign-in at the office where they will receive a re-admit slip before going to class. Accuracy in the attendance count depends on each late student picking up this slip and turning it into his/her teacher when they to class. Missing the beginning minutes of class results in students missing an orientation to the instruction for the day; please make every effort to help your child be on time. Tardy counts are recorded on achievement reports.

If you wish your child to leave during the school day, please send a note with the child on that day indicating:

  • The time to be excused.
  • Purpose (medical appointment or personal).
  • Who the child will be picked up by.
  • Whether your child will be returning to school on the same day. Early dismissal of a student is subject to approval by the principal and requires that the student make up missed assignments/tests.
  • If leaving school early for any reason, each child must be signed out from the office.

School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

Each year, the school publishes a report to parents about pertinent successes and issues involving the school. This report is available on the TUSD website at www.tusd.org.

Statement of Non-Discrimination

The Torrance Unified School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, sex, marital status, medical condition or handicap in educational programs, activities, and employment. All educational opportunities will be offered without regard to race color, national origin, sex or handicap. Limited English skills will not be a barrier to admission and/or participation in vocational education programs.    

Smoke Free Policy

Yukon Elementary School is a smoke free environment. The use of tobacco products of any kind are not allowed on any part of the school campus, including the playground and parking lots