Edison Elementary School News

In preparation for the first day of school on August 25th, we continue to stay vigilant...

Technical Support

August 28, 2020

For technical support, please enter your contact information in this Google form (https://forms.gle/9dZPDTkJAeQrEm6J6) Or call 310-972-6994 and leave a message.

Do you like Edison?

July 28, 2020

Edison families! We need your help in sharing your positive feelings about Edison with the community. Consider writing a review sharing your experience at Edison. There are 4 main review sites, which we have discovered, have mostly old reviews. Click on the article title to download a flyer with the links to the different sites where you can share your love for Edison!

Just want to remind you that if you have any technical difficulties, you can contact the support hotline. Also if after troubleshooting and it cannot be fixed, feel free to come to Edison on T/TH to pick up a Chromebook. The support line can be reached at 310-972-6994.