Special Interests

All classes will be offered in compliance with TUSD and the LA County Department of Public Health Safety Protocols.

Community Education and Interest classes are fully funded by student fees.

ENROLL EARLY to assure your class is offered. Classes not meeting minimum enrollments will be canceled prior to the first class session.

Antiques & Collectibles

Learn to identify and appraise a variety of antiques and collectibles. Do's and don'ts of buying, researching "finds" and marketing them will be included in this on-going class.

Write Your Life Story

Celebrities do it. Politicians do it. Why don't you? Write your life story only you know. Neither good grammar nor writing experience is necessary; memories are what count. Help preserve history by creating a family treasure. The experienced teacher makes it fun.

Learn Basic Sewing Skills

If you want to learn to sew, this is the class for you! Class will include how to read a pattern guide sheet and how to sew by hand using various techniques and stitches. Students will learn sewing terminology and how to use sewing tools and apply sewing skills for simple projects to be done in class. This class is offered for beginning and intermediate sewing students.

Introduction to Fly Fishing

NOTE: NO actual fishing will be a part of this introductory class. Discover the enjoyment of catching trout on a fly. You will learn the basic techniques of fly-fishing, what equipment is essential, how to select this equipment, basic casting skills, why there are so many different flies and how they relate to the trout's source of food, and how to read the water to determine the most likely areas to find fish.

Floral Design-Basic/Advanced

Students should bring one or two dozen medium size roses and filler flowers (such as baby's breath or waxed flowers) to first class meeting. Teacher will provide vase and greens. New students bring clippers to cut your flowers and a bucket to put them in. In the first hour of class, we will complete the basic flower arrangement in a step-by-step method. The second hour of class, we will complete the advanced flower arrangement. Basic students will be able to participate or observe the last hour, but will be reserved for some basic technical arrangements. Students will learn how to clan and preserve flowers and greens, wire roses and make bows. Students will also learn how to make corsages, boutonnieres, and hair pieces.


Ma Jong is a traditional tile-based Chinese game that has been played in China since the mid-9th century. Ma Jong is a great game to keep the mind sharp and is often recommended for older adults as a way to help maximize brain health. Students in this class will learn the rules of the game step-by-step and will also have time to play Ma Jong in order to use their new-found skills!

Home Remedies to Maximize Health

This is a fun and informative course you won’t want to miss. This course is an opportunity to empower yourself with easy and cost-effective methods to maximize your immune system and enjoy a fuller life using herbs, supplements and other revolutionary technological options such as light, sound, visualization and many other approaches. We will cover simple methods to address conditions in your house that affect your immune system, as well as natural remedies to treat a whole host of conditions (Colds, Flu’s, etc.). Students will also learn of resources to gain further knowledge to support recovery for a large variety of other conditions like cancer, infections and MUCH, MUCH MORE. So don't wait, sign up today!