Personal Finance

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ENROLL EARLY to assure your class is offered. Classes not meeting minimum enrollments will be canceled prior to the first class session.

Social Security

Choosing when and how to claim Social Security benefits is one of the biggest financial decisions Boomers face today. Failing to use the right strategy can cost you a lot of money in unclaimed Social Security income over your life-time and potentially put your surviving spouse at financial risk. Join us in the informative class where we will explore the ways in which you can maximize your benefit. You will gain the knowledge necessary to make an educated and confident election decision.

Real Estate From A-Z

Join experienced real estate investor and mortgage broker Athena Paquette for this 3 hour intensive and riveting class on how YOU can create passive income with real estate investing. Topics covered include investing for fast equity, investing with ZERO money out of your pocket, investing out of state and which states are right, small units and big units, flipping, using OPM and more. Real current deals are used as examples. This class changes every time, so repeat students are welcome. Includes 100 page workbook. Ideal for beginning and experienced investors

Taxes in Retirement

Learn how to generate tax-free income by using overlooked tax tips per IRS Guidelines. This course is ideal for those who want to retain more of their hard-earned nest egg. Taxes are scheduled to increase by as much as 25% on 1/1/2026. Discover strategies that benefit you and your family from the new tax changes. Plan ahead while taxes are still on sale.

Maximizing Retirement Income

This informative and educational class helps you to gain insight to maximize your income in retirement. Find out if you can retire comfortably and do the things you want. We will discuss how to protect your retirement income, ways to prevent you from outliving your money, and the allocation of your investments for maximum income with safety. We will also examine when to apply for Social Security benefits as well as various investment options including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, and real estate. If you are recently retired or contemplating retirement soon, this class is a must!