Info for Scheduling for West High - Updated 4/17

Info for Scheduling for West High - Updated 4/17

During the School Closure, we will post here with any updates about what 8th Graders should be doing to schedule for their classes next year.

Update: WHS Scheduling eBlast from 4/16

More Details:

Link to Instructions for Online West High Registration

This link provides details about how to sign up for classes through PowerSchool. This step should be done before meeting with your Counselor.


Download the "West High Course Offering Worksheet"

This handout should be printed and filled out as a part of preparing for meeting with your West High Counselor.


Link to the West High Scheduling Website

This link provides the main source of information about scheduling for West High. Including two informational slideshow presentations for 8th graders and their parents: 

The main process is listed on the West High Scheduling Website as "Part 2: Steps A-F".

  • Step A: Honors forms and commitment.
  • Step B: Homework Time Management. Plan your time!
  • Step C: Course Description Handbook.
  • Step D: Online Registration.
  • Step E: Correspondence Course Pre-Approval (Info about Online Summer School).
  • Step F: Request for Placement.

Jefferson 8th Graders are encouraged to contact their current teachers with questions regarding course selection relevent to each class (for example, whether or not to take "regular" or "Honors").

On the 8th Grade English etusd website, a Discussion Forum is now active for students to post questions about scheduling and/or other aspects of transitioning to 9th grade.