Summer Reading Lists

Summer Reading Lists

Jefferson Middle School has a Summer Reading program which includes a variety of books that studens can choose from in order to complete their reading requirement. Scroll down for the book selections for each grade level, or click on the links below for a downloadable copy:

Incoming 6th Grader Summer Reading List

Incoming 7th Grader Summer Reading List

Incoming 8th Grader Summer Reading List


Incoming 6th Grade Summer 2019 Reading Program: Select two of the following titles:

Brown Girl Dreaming

Woodson, Jacqueline

Counting By 7s

Sloan, Holly Goldberg

Finding Someplace

Patrick, Denise Lewis

The Immortal Fire

Ursu, Anne

Ninth Ward

Rhodes, Jewell Parker

Nobody’s Princess

Friesner, Esther


Korman, Gordon

Standing for Socks

Weissman, Elissa Brent

Turning 15 on the Road to Freedom: My Story of the 1965 Selma Voting Rights March

Lowery, Lynda

Twelve Days in May: Freedom Ride 1961

Brimner, Larry Dane

Incoming 7th Grade Summer 2019 Reading Program: Select two of the following titles:

All Heart: My Dedication and Determination to Become One of Soccer’s Best

Lloyd, Carli

All the Right Stuff

Myers, Walter Dean

Divergent or any book from the Series (Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant)

Roth, Veronica

The Fifth Wave

Yancey, Richard

Finding Wonders: Three Girls Who Changed Science

Atkins, Jeannie

Full Cicada Moon

Hilton, Marilyn

The London Eye Mystery or its sequel The Guggenheim Mystery

Dowd, Siobhan/Stevens, Robin

See You in the Cosmos

Cheng, Jack


Maldonado, Torrey

The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle

Connor, Leslie

Incoming 8th Grade Summer 2019 Reading Program:

Assignment: The assignment has two parts:

  1. All students are expected to read No Summit Out of Sight: The True Story of the Youngest Person to Climb the Seven Summits by Jordan Romero (with Linda LeBlanc).
  2. Additionally, all students will read one (or more) of the books from the following list:

The Benefits of Being an Octopus

Braden, Ann

The Forbidden Schoolhouse: The True and Dramatic Story of Prudence Crandall and Her Students

Jurmain, Suzanne


Reynolds, Jason

The Gospel According to Larry

Tashijian, Janet

The Last Best Days of Summer

Hobbs, Valerie

Okay for Now

Schmidt, Gary

Outcasts United: The Story of a Refugee Soccer Team that Changed a Town

St. John, Warren

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: U.S. Supreme Court Justice

McCaffrey, Paul

The Seventh Most Important Thing

Pearsall, Shelley

Steve Jobs: The Man Who Thought Different – A Biography

Blumenthal, Karen