School Guidelines

Our school is dedicated to fostering a safe, positive, and respectful school culture where every student’s academic, behavioral, and social success are equally important.

Walteria Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones and any other devices used to communicate are considered Mobile Communication Devices (cell phones, smart watches, etc).  At Walteria, Mobile Communication Devices shall:

  • Be turned off and put away during class time, and at any other time as directed by a District employee. (BP 5131.8)
  • Not disrupt the educational program or school activity. (BP 5131.8)

TUSD AR 5144. If a disruption occurs or a student uses any mobile communications device for improper activities, the employee shall direct the student to turn off the device and/or confiscate it. If a school employee finds it necessary to confiscate a device, he/she may either return it at the end of the class period or school day or keep it until the principal or designee has consulted with the student's parent/guardian.