Valet and Traffic Guidelines


JMS Valet Rules

The safety of our students and school community is of great importance and relies greatly on our parent drivers following the safety rules of the road and rules of our valet. Please note our Valet rules below:

  • Drivers may enter the Valet Line at the corner of Talisman and Lenore. Do not cut in line, it is disrespectful, not safe, and slows down traffic.
  • Parents and Guardian drivers please pull up to the curb next to our school. Pull all the way down as directed by the valet staff on duty.
  • Parent and Guardian drivers are to remain in the car and continue to pull forward as directed. We need to maintain the flow of traffic to get our students to school on time, and our parents / guardians off to their next destination in a timely manner.
  • If everyone follows the rules the valet line and traffic will progress steadily. At times, students crossing the street or cross traffic at Carson causes a momentary stop. We ask that during these times or if you are trying to get your child’s attention to not honk your horn. Only do so to prevent an accident or in the event of an emergency. Let’s be considerate of our neighbors in the early morning and afternoon, and to the staff out at valet.
  • Once at the front of the valet line, or as directed by the valet staff, you may stop to have your child exit the vehicle.
  • Students are to exit on school side of the car, NEVER out into the street to oncoming traffic.
  • There are NO U-Turns allowed on Talisman Street in-front of the school during drop-off and dismissal time periods. This is dangerous during these drop-off and pick-up times, it is also disruptive to the flow of traffic.

Parents and Guardians driving on the opposite side of the road (on the resident side) please take note on the following rules and general courtesy manners to follow for our neighbors:

  • DO NOT block or park in front of our neighbors driveways, even for a brief period. They have places to be and we want to be courteous.
  • DO NOT let your child cross the road by themselves. We are here to help. Staff is present to assist in stopping traffic and crossing your child. They may need to wait, but we will get them to cross safely. Students are asked to walk down where they can see the school office main gate. A staff member will be waiting there on the school side of the street to stop traffic and cross your child.

We share in the ultimate goal with you to keep our children safe. With your help as drivers behind the vehicles, guiding and teaching your child road safety along with us, and by maintaining road safety we can be successful in this endeavor together. Thank you in advance for your patience and help in this matter.

The Staff Parking Lot is reserved for JMS Staff members only and may not to be used to pull through and drop off or pick-up students.