Friendly Reminders Regarding Lice

You should never share a brush. If you spend the night at a friends’ house, and you come home with lice, please make sure that you let your friends know so that they can get their head checked. Make sure to follow protocol for removing lice. If you only treat your head and nothing else, you are most likely going to get it again. All bedding needs to be washed and dried. Stuffed animals should be dried on a high heat or a placed in a large trash bag and tied up and left in the tightly sealed bag for at least 2 weeks. You should also vacuum the stuffed animals and the floor for any lice that may have fallen off your head while attached to a hair. Remember to throw away the vacuum bag once you have completed a through vacuuming of your home.


  • Lice love dirty hair…Not True, lice love clean hair
  • You can get lice by standing next to someone who has lice…Not True, lice cannot jump
  • If someone has lice, they are not clean and do not wash their hair…Again, not true. Anyone can get lice and it is not because they are not clean

*Parents if  you suspect that your child  may have lice, please t check their head. You can also come to the health office and have the nurse check for you.