JMS College Week: 3/6 - 3/10

JMS College Week: 3/6 - 3/10

College Week here at JMS is March 6th through 10th.

To help us to dream big about our futures, we’ll be having a College Week Spirit Week with a different theme every day:

Monday: College Colors - Wear your favorite college colors, like Blue & Gold for UCLA, or Red & Gold for USC.

Tuesday: College Gear - Wear not only the college colors, but as much college gear as you can, including hats, scarfs, socks, and more.

Wednesday: Dream Job - Dress up as someone from your dream job!

Thursday: College Rivals - Support the BLUE of UCLA or the RED of USC (or support a different school altogether!)

Friday: JMS Class Colors - Each grade will also be representing a university which has the same class color.

And, we’ll end the week with a College Week Pep Rally.

Look for more information soon to be posted here on the JMS website.