JMS College Week: March 7th - March 11th

JMS College Week: March 7th - March 11th

College Week is March 7th through March 11th!

Student Council has designed a number of different interactive elements for the week:


Each Wing at JMS has its own theme:

Wing A / Band: Juilliard

Wing B / English: Harvard

Wing C / History: Yale

Wing D / Quad: UCLA vs USC

Wing E: Cal Poly Humboldt

Wing F / Math: MIT

Wing G / Science: CalTech


Each day has its own Spirit Day:

  • Monday 3/7: School Rivals! Wear your Favorite College Colors.
    • You and a friend should wear colleges that rival each other. For example, you can wear a UCLA shirt or UCLA colors and your friend can wear USC clothes or USC colors.
  • Tuesday 3/8: Dress for Success! Show off your Dream Job.
    • You can dress up like you’re ready to go to your dream job. For example, if you want to be a scientist you can wear a lab coat or if you want to be a police officer wear a badge.
  • Wednesday 3/9: Dream of the Future! Wear College Gear &/or Dress as a College Mascot.
    • You can dress in your favorite college’s gear or colors or represent their mascot. Think about where you might be in the future. For example, wear a UCLA shirt or the UCLA bear!
  • Thursday 3/10: Be A Good Sport! Your Favorite College Team.
    • You can dress in your favorite college’s sports team. For example, if you support the USC Trojans, wear a jersey or their team’s colors.
  • Friday 3/11: Be True to Your School! JMS Spirit Gear & Class Colors. 
    • You can wear your class color or Jefferson spirit.  All grades can wear Jefferson spirit, 6th grade wears red, 7th grade wears purple, and 8th grade wears blue.


College Week Activities:

Tuesday Homeroom 3/8: College Week Slideshow (with Trivia!)


Friday Homeroom 3/11: Pep Rally!

  • Featuring: Student Council, WEB Leaders, & The JMS Band.
  • Celebrating: JMS Basketball & Athletics
  • Inspiring: College Week Conclusion