JMS Spirit Week 1/31-2/4: Celebrating the JMS School Spirit

JMS Spirit Week 1/31-2/4: Celebrating the JMS School Spirit

This week Jefferson Middle School will be celebrating the achievements and accomplishments of our students and school community by recognizing those who have gone above and beyond to help out Jefferson and show their School Spirit.

We’re calling this celebration “The Jeffies” - short for: Jefferson Awards for School Spirit.

On Friday, February 4th, we will have a school-wide Pep Rally to celebrate many of the wonderful things that our students have done recently to help support our school, including a special event sponsored by PTSA in recognition of the fundraising goals reached during the Skechers walk.

Everyone on campus can celebrate all week long with our Jeffies Spirit Week:

Monday 1/31 - Jeffy Award for Best Jaguar Impression

  • Wear black-and-gold and/or jaguar print!


Tuesday 2/1 - Jeffy Award for Best Use of your Head

  • Crazy Hat & Hair Day!


Wednesday 2/2 - Jeffy Award for Most Unique Outfit

  • Wacky Wednesday Dress-Up Day!


Thursday 2/3 - Jeffy Award for Outstanding Superfan

  • Support your favorite team, movie, show, book, or character!


Friday 2/4 - Jeffy Award for School Spirit

  • Wear your Class Colors & Spirit Gear for the Pep Rally!


We’re encouraging Homeroom teachers to hand out Jaguar Paws each day to the students who do the best job meeting that day’s theme.