Class Color Thursdays

Class Color Thursdays

Our final Class Color Thursday was June 3rd, and the results are in!

June 3rd Class Color Count Results:

  1. Mr. Pacheco's Homeroom

  2. Ms. Abe's Homeroom

  3. (Tie) Mrs. Ludwig, Mr. Chase, & Mrs. Aragon

  4. (Tie) Mrs. Hendricks & Mrs. Sweet


This means that the final results in for the year!

JMS Homeroom Overall Leaderboard

  1. Mr. Pacheco's Homeroom

  2. Mrs. Hendricks's Homeroom

  3. Mr. Carri's Homeroom

  4. Mrs. Ludwig's Homeroom

  5. Ms. McBeth's Homeroom

  6. Ms. Abe's Homeroom

  7. Mr. Chase's Homeroom

  • Honorable Mention: Mr. Norman, Mr. White, Mrs. Sweet, Mrs. Aragon, Mrs. Sapien, Mrs. Kim, Mrs. Hagerman, Mrs. Campbell

Class Color Thursdays