Class Color Thursdays

Class Color Thursdays

Every Thursday for the rest of the school year will be a "Class Color Thursday"

On Thursdays, all JMS students are encouraged to wear shirts (and other clothes!) that match their grade's "Class Color":

8th Grade: Green

7th Grade: Blue

6th Grade: Purple

During Homeroom on Thursdays, the JMS teachers will be doing a "Class Color Count" to see how many students in their Homeroom are wearing the Class Color.

Winning Homerooms will be awarded a JMS Spirit Banner to display for the following week.

Also remember, that the JMS Class Colors align with the West High class colors - meaning, that we've coordinated with West High, and JMS assigned each grade the color that they will be receiving at West High. What's that mean? You can begin to build your Class Color wardrobe for high school, too!

JMS Homeroom Leaderboard

  1. (Tie) Mr. Chase's & Mr. Pacheco's Homeroom

  2. Mrs. Ludwig's Homeroom

  3. Ms. Abe's Homeroom

  4. Mrs. Hendricks's Homeroom

  5. Mrs. Sweet's Homeroom

  6. Mrs. Campbell's Homeroom