8th Grade End-of-Year: Book Return & Promotion Activities

8th Grade End-of-Year: Book Return & Promotion Activities

JMS 8th grade parents,

As part of the year-end and promotion activities we wanted to provide an opportunity for the 8th grade students to close out their last year at Jefferson with one final visit to the campus (while being socially distant).

Parents can sign up at: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040A4AA9A62FA3FC1-jms8th to reserve their 15 minute time slot to come onto campus the week of Monday, June 8th - Thursday, June 11th for the following purposes:

1) Pick up an 8th grade gift bag which will include gifts from the monies that were donated and fundraised as well as their promotion certificate.

2) Take picture at a photo opportunity area created just for the 8th graders. We will be asking for parents to share these photos as well as any other graduation celebration photos/videos to possibly be used on social media for all students to view. This is completely optional.

Photos/videos can be uploaded to:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/B42ur5zecMRfREU38  

Please note, by uploading images to this google shared album you are giving your permission to use those images on social media. 

An Instagram page: @JMSJags2020 has been created for parents and students to follow. 

3) Drop off textbooks, novels, and library books at their classes/library as well as empty out their PE and academic lockers if they haven't already.

Please sign up for only one time slot (15 min), per student.  It is first come, first served. 


The 8am - 9am time slots will be held for high risk and/or immunocompromised students and students with family members living in their household who are considered to be high risk and/or immunocompromised. Please be considerate to these individuals.

ONLY 2 other individuals are allowed to accompany the student onto campus.  Please understand that we must manage and control the number of individuals accessing the campus.  We will strictly enforce this guideline.

You must be prompt and show up for the time slot you signed up for.  Understand that we are trying to accommodate all 8th grade graduates.  If you are late or take longer than the time given it will jeopardize other families from being able to take part in the process.

Anyone coming onto campus must wear a mask.  Of course, the mask can be taken off for the photo opportunity but all other times, we do ask everyone to be considerate and also practice social distancing.

5) If you miss the date/time slot you originally signed up for, we will announce if there are other available time slots for you to re-sign up for.  Bags not picked up will be left with the office.


8th Grade Activities Committee