GATE Parent Info

GATE Parent Info

The Gifted & Talented Education (GATE) program at Jefferson Middle School offers support and enrichment for students in a number of different ways.

There will be an Information Meeting for the students to attend to learn more about the program in the first week of October:

  • 8th Grade GATE Student Information Meeting: Tuesday, October 2nd at Lunch.
  • 7th Grade GATE Student Information Meeting: Friday, October 5th at Lunch.
  • 6th Grade GATE Student Information Meeting: Thursday, October 4th at Lunch.

Students will receive an invitation to this meeting. At that meeting, students will learn about the After-School GATE Enrichment Sessions, and receive an invitation to the first Session, which will be held at the end of October.

During Back-to-School Night, the following slideshow was presented to give an overview of the program at Jefferson: GATE Parent Slideshow

Finally, here are a couple of links to some resources:

  • Growth Mindset. This video overviews Dr. Carol Dweck's research and provides a great introduction into a different approach to thinking about intelligence and learning.
  • Icons of Depth & Complexity. This overview introduces Dr. Sandra Kaplan's Icons of Depth & Complexity and provides some ways to apply them in Middle School classrooms.