Dual Language Immersion Program

Our Dual Language Immersion Program is available for incoming Transitional Kindergarten (TK) and Kindergarten (K) students in English and Spanish for the 23-24 School year.

Spanish Two-Way Dual Language Immersion Program/ Nuevo programa de inmersión bidireccional en español en dos idiomas

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Start Your Student On the Path to Biliteracy Today!
¡Empiece hoy a su estudiante en el camino hacia la alfabetización bilingüe!

*Please Note: Priority enrollment in the Dual Immersion Program will be given to incoming students whose home school is one of these two schools. 

What is Dual Language Immersion?

This educational model integrates native English speakers with native Spanish speakers into the same classroom for the entire school day. Through the experience, children to become fluent in BOTH languages while also developing academic skills in core subjects. The Two-Way Dual Language Spanish program is designed to benefit three types of students:

Students who speak Spanish at home and want to learn English 

Bilingual students who speak both Spanish and English 

Students who speak English at home and want to learn Spanish

To learn more about the TUSD Spanish Dual Immersion Program please watch these introduction videos in Spanish and English:

Dual Immersion Program Requirements

Your child must be born between 09/02/2018 to 04/02/2019 for Transitional Kindergarten and 09/02/2017 to 09/01/2018 for Kindergarten.

The program will take applications from both native Spanish & English speakers. 

Native Spanish speakers will need to take a short assessment to ensure they are Spanish speakers.  

You need to complete these steps to enroll in our Dual Language Immersion program:

1. Fill out Dual Language Application Form (this can be filled out before enrolling and before getting a permit)


2. Enroll for Transitional Kindergarten or Kindergarten

Including applying for an Interdistrict Release Permit from your home distict, and an Acceptance Permit if you live outside our TUSD boundaries. Learn More about Changing Districts.​​​​​

3. Native Spanish speakers will need to take a short assessment (Once you apply, you will be contacted and scheduled for an interview)

If your student qualifies as a native speaker, you will be notified.

If you do not meet the criteria, your student will be entered as an English-only applicant. 

4. All applicant families will be notified of your status (selected or on our waitlist) via email.
5. If your student is selected, you must confirm acceptance of the offer or you may lose your spot.

Terms and condtions:

If accepted, your Dual Langauge Immersion school will become your new permanent home school.

Transportation to school is not provided and is the responsibility of your family.

Our Dual Language Immersion Program is a multi-year commitment.  Students are expected to remain in the school and program through the end of 5th grade.