Principal's Message                   

Image of Mr. Jackson


Welcome to Bert Lynn Middle School,

Our goal is to educate and prepare children to succeed in life. We are dedicated to maximizing individual potential and to the development of lifelong learners who will contribute to, and compete in, a global society.

Student Piece:

  • Regular attendance
  • Actively engaged in learning
  • Motivated to do well in school
  • Neat and accurate completion of work
  • Explore a diverse range of extracurricular interests

 Teachers/School Piece:

  • Quality classroom instruction
  • Increased depth of learning, especially in the areas of reading and writing
  • Continued excellence in mathematics
  • Two-way Communication between school and home (
  • Recreational opportunities (clubs, noon-league activities, dances, etc.)

 Your Piece:

  • Proactive Communication: Don’t wait to call when questions or concerns arise.
  • Parent Participation increases our school’s success: Share your talent, volunteer hours
  • Consistent Homework Practice: Same place, same time, Monday – Thursday
  • High, but realistic, learning expectations for both student and school
  • Monitor passive time consumption: television, internet, and video games.
  • Encourage book reading.

 Community Piece:

  • Establishing communication between local businesses and school
  • Increased articulation between all grade levels K-12
  • Provide funding and support for a safe and clean campus

 With all the pieces in place we look forward to another rewarding school year.

LeRoy Jackson
Principal, Bert Lynn Middle School