End of the Year Procedures


COVID School map

 (20 Students per ½ Hour based off the Student’s Last Name.)

Safety is our number one priority. Health and safety precautions, like those we have all seen in grocery stores will be followed. All staff members will wear masks and gloves. Social Distancing will be maintained (6 feet). Unfortunately, while we will be happy to see everyone during this process, this is not a time to give hugs.

All parents/students will be required to wear masks to enter the campus.

 Social distancing will be observed, and foot traffic patterns will be illustrated by tape on walkways in a series one-way routes. (See map) Clear “social distance marks” will be established in front of our school’s main entrance for students/families to line up and wait for directions to enter.

Students, and no more than one guardian, will enter the main entrance, and travel to lockers to retrieve personal items. Once lockers are clear students can go to our lunch tables where books, Chromebooks or other school’s items can be returned.

Finally, students will exit out the faculty parking lot. (See Map)

Staff will be at the front door and at key points to assist students/families while maintaining safety protocols. We are asking additional family members to remain outside of the building.

 Students will not be allowed to come during any other time.

Sanitizing stations near entrance and exit.

Please note: Most student lockers are empty. Textbooks and library books were retrieved and logged in as returned. This leaves a few lockers with personal binders or locker organizers for students to retrieve. Finally, students are not permitted to hang out/ loiter on the campus/parking lot. Security will be present to help maintain our Social Distancing Plan.

If you are unable to attend your student’s pick-up date and must attend a different one please send us a note indicating a time that will work better. (We can work something out.)

On behalf of every Bert Lynn Staff member, we continue to be grateful for your support, patience, and partnership through this unprecedented time.

Our scheduled dates and times are: