Traffic Plan                            

The SAFETY of all students is our primary concern. While some parts of this plan may not be the most convenient for drivers or students, they are designed for the safety of children who will be walking, riding buses or being dropped off and picked up.

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Brief History Built in 1957, in a relatively quiet, traffic free neighborhood Bert Lynn Middle School, then Flavian Elementary School, was designed to be within walking distance for most students.  However recent trends in lifestyles and traffic have created local concerns and complaints. As a result, Torrance Police Department’s, Traffic Division has increased its ticketing of cars.  Ticketing often occurs as a result of improper student drop-off or pick-up.  Common tickets are: double-parking (dropping a student off without pulling up to a curb), parking in a private driveway (pulling into a driveway to drop-off a student), parking in a crosswalk (dropping-off a student while in a cross walk), parking/stopping in a red-zone (dropping-off a student in a red-zone), illegal U-turns and unsafe student drop-off in staff parking lots.
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Drop-Off/Pick-up Plan

Parents are encouraged to Drop-off/Pick-up on the school side of Halison Street. Please consider this location for both drop-off and pick-up. Parents are also asked to assist in reducing traffic on Flavian Ave and Patrick St.