The safety of all our students during Pickup and Dropoff is incredibly important.

We need your help to ensure a smooth flow of traffic during these congested and busy times. Please discuss and decide as a family where the designated pickup and dropoff points will be for your child/children. Never double (or triple) park in the street to pick up your child, and please use the crosswalks. Please follow the directions of all posted signs, staff, volunteers and crossing guards.

Please drop off and pick up your students on time. There is no supervision before our school opens in the morning and your child should be picked up within 15 minutes of school ending. 

Pickup and Dropoff Procedure

TK and Kindergarten Parents:

  • Students will enter and be dismissed at the Kidnergarten gate.  This gate is to the North of the school's main doors.  

First and Second Grade Students

Entering Campus:

  • All first and second grade students can also enter campus through the kindergarten gates at 8:35am. These students should proceed to the playground where they can find their teachers and their areas to line up.


  • First grade students will exit through the kindergarten gate at Dismissal at 3:03pm.
  • Second grade students will exit through the front doors of the main building at 3:03 pm.

Third, Fourth and Fifth Grade Students

Entering Campus:

  • All third, fourth and fifth grade students may line up to enter campus at the front doors of the school. These front doors will open at 8:35am and students will be directed to the playground to line up with their teacher.


  • Third Grade students will exit the Southernmost gate off of the old kindergarten playground off Fern Avenue at 3:03 pm
  • Fourth Grade students will exit the southernmost gate close to the corner of Elm and El Dorado at 3:12pm.
  • Fifth Grade students will exit the gate closest to the cafeteria off ELM Avenue at 3:12pm.