Tutorial Information


Casimir offers a Tutorial schedule four days a week (M, W, Th, F) from 12:24 - 12:49. During Tutorial there are two types of activities regularly occurring: small group academic intervention and homeroom. Small group interventions are assigned to students by their core subject teachers. Students are expected to attend these interventions for additional support from their teachers. On days students have not been assigned to an intervention, they will participate in Silent Sustained Reading (SSR), IXL.com and/or Achieve 3000 with their homeroom class. All students are required to have an SSR book at all times.  The use of electronic readers will be decided by your homeroom teacher. Those students who are found to be using their device inappropriately will have  it confiscated by the school. Our tutorial/intervention model is subject to change throughout the year to best meet our students' needs.

Why should you go for extra help – even when you think you might not need it? The brain works like a muscle – the more you use it the stronger it becomes. “The harder you work, the smarter you get. To become a great basketball player or excellent at solving algebra problems, you need to practice over and over" A Good Road, by Dr. Jonathan Brennan.

How do you ask for help? Go to Tutorial with an idea of where you are struggling, or with questions to ask so that you use the teacher’s time wisely.

Ways to ask for help:

  • Repeat it back. “So I think photosynthesis works like this ….. is this correct?” This will allow the teacher to correct any mistakes in understanding
  • Specific clarification. “Can we go over why the Schism in Islam happened? ” Do not simply say that you did not understand the entire lesson. It should be specific to an incident and what the student needs clarification on.
  • Request resources. “Do you know of additional resources that describe isolating the variable?”
  • Ask for an expanded/clarified definition. “Can you explain how to recognize iambic pentameter?”
  • Assignment specific help. Ask for clarification on what is expected and the best way to complete the assignment.
  • Study skills help. “This is how I have been studying for your tests …. can you suggest other methods”