Casimir Middle School


Donald Robison - 1950 to 1953
Margaret Denmarsh - 1953 to 1957
John Dunworth - 1957 to 1959
Martin Beaudet - 1959 to 1965
Edwin R. Brown - 1965 to 1968
Robert S. Gray - 1968 to 1972
Craig Kimball - 1972 to 1974
William Lettunich - 1974 to 1980
Richard Long - 1980 to 1988
Richard Leibovitz - 1988 to 1996
Ramona Chang - 1996 to 1997
Betty Cornwell - 1997 to 1998
Patricia Hughes - 1998 to 2001
Ken DiNoto - 2001 to 2005
Susan Holmes - 2005 to present

The History of Casimir

Casimir Middle School opened with the name of North Torrance Elementary School in 1950, just three years after the establishment of the Torrance Unified School District. It opened with 464 students. The property, 9.8 acres, was purchased in 1949 for $24,000.00. Construction costs at that time were $422,000. Additions were made in 1974 and 1998. There are 12 buildings with 33 classrooms.

The school originally was established to serve the needs of Kindergarten through 8th grade students for most of North Torrance. But, as the “Baby Boom” continued through the 1950’s, the school district constructed more schools to meet the demand. One of those schools was a new high school to serve the North Torrance area. North High School opened in 1955 as the second high school in the Torrance District. The similarity in names caused confusion, and in 1957, the North Torrance School changed its name to Casimir Elementary School. The new name came from the street location.

Casimir Elementary School reached a peak enrollment of 1,218 students in 1958. As enrollment decreased in the late 60’s and early 70’s, Casimir Elementary School changed from a K-8 school to a middle school in 1974.

Casimir was first honored as a "California Distinguished School" in 1992.

Source: "The History of Torrance Schools 1890-2000" by Thomas Rische, Ph.D.