The safety of all our students during Pickup and Dropoff is incredibly important.

We need your help to ensure a smooth flow of traffic during these congested and busy times. Please discuss and decide as a family where the designated pickup and dropoff points will be for your child/children. Never double (or triple) park in the street to pick up your child, and please use the crosswalks. Please follow the directions of all posted signs, staff, volunteers and crossing guards.

Please drop off and pick up your students on time. There is no supervision before our school opens in the morning and your child should be picked up within 15 minutes of school ending. 

Arrival/Drop off: 

The school gates are very busy at drop off and pick up so please be patient, give yourself extra time, do not walk through the parking lot and follow all safety rules. 

  • The parking lot is for Staff only. Please do not park in the lot.
  • Valet: 8:30-8:45 (no TK/K/SDC)
  • TK & K: K1 gate 8:35-8:45
  • Grades 1-5: Front “Gold Ribbon Gate” 8:35-8:45
  • Grades 1-5: Back Gate open from 8:35-8:45 
  • Students who arrive late will need to enter the main gate and check in at the front office.

Dismissal/Pick up:

  • The parking lot is for Staff only. Please do not park in the lot.
  • TK/K: designated gate at 1:50pm
  • Valet students will be waiting for pick up at the Gold Ribbon Gate. Please complete this VALET SURVEY if you would like to sign-up for valet pickup for 1st - 5th grade students so we can make you a sign to place in your window. We will deliver signs to classes throughout this week. (Valet is not available for TK, K and SDC students.)
  • Teachers will bring all other students to the following gates
    • Grade 1 @ 3:03 room 35 gate (just right of the main office)
    • Grade 2 @ 3:03 “Far Right Side” gate
    • Grade 3 @ 3:03 Front gate
    • Grade 4 @ 3:12 room 35 gate (just right of the main office)
    • Grade 5 @ 3:12 “Far Right Side” gate
  • Back Gate: Students must have a back gate pass to use the gate on 228th. The back gate is available for students in grades 3rd - 5th. 1st and 2nd grade students can only use the back gate if they are accompanied by an older sibling. Please complete this BACK GATE SURVEY if you would like to sign your child up. (TK/K/SDC are not permitted to use the back gate.)