Transition Support

Preschool is an imporant time in the life of a young child.  We are committed to ensuring a smooth transition for students and families when moving on from preschool to elementary school.  Not only do we host several parent conferences throughout the year, but we also offer parent information nights and enrollment information for Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten.  If your family lives outside the boundaries of TUSD and you would like your child to attend elementary school in Torrance, we can offer guidance and information about the permit process as well.

For incoming students with special needs who live within TUSD Boundaries, the Torrance Unified School District works closely with the Harbor Regional Center (HRC) to support transition for clients from an infant/toddler program to preschool prior to the child’s third birthday.  There is a collaborative model in place to support transition from preschool to TK/Kindergarten which involves the serving IEP team, receiving IEP team and program specialist. One week in May is dedicated to TK/Kindergarten transition meetings.