About Fern/Contact Us

Fern Elementary School
1314 Fern Avenue
Torrance, CA 90503

Phone:   (310) 533-4506 x2900
Fax:   (310) 972-6393

School Hours

Fern Elementary is located at 1314 Fern Avenue, Torrance, CA 90503. The school office is open on all school days from 8:15 am to 4:00 pm. Playground supervision begins at 8:35 for ALL grades. Please do not bring children to school before 8:35 am, as there is no supervision. For breakfast buyers only, students allowed on campus at 8:20am. The office phone number is (310) 533-4506 x2900.

The Mission Of Fern Elementary

In order to carry out our goal of providing a quality education for all our children, our mission is:
  • To help students acquire the skills to function effectively in today’s rapidly changing and diverse society
  • To provide a quality learning environment so that each child can succeed at his or her own rate through our balanced curriculum

To assist children in striving for competency in all areas: Creativity, emotional health, physical ability, social skills and academics.

The Fern Elementary School Pledge

I pledge to try to do my best every single day
Listening, learning and being fair when I work and play
Keeping hands and feet to myself, treating others with respect,
Making sure our things are neat is what we should expect.
I'll listen when my teacher speaks and follow every rule.
I pledge I'll be a good citizen in my classroom and my school.

The Big Three table