2024 STEAM Fair Winners

2024 STEAM Fair Winners

Congratulations STEAM Fair Participants and Winners!

We want to congratulate Arlington's Superstar Scientists who submitted projects to our annual STEAM Fair.

This year's participants included: 

Kindergarten: Nico W., “Books Tornado," Carey R., “Ball Collection," Scarlett S., “World of Animals," Kamila H., “Scooter Litter Cleaner Invention," and Naomi L. “LOL Collection.” 

1st Grade STEAM Participants: Charlotte H., “Charlotte’s Stuffies," Rei K. "54 Pieces of Slime”, Amelia W., “Joowlery Store”, Noah E., “Treehouse" 

2nd Grade STEAM participants: Emiko B., "DIY Plastic,"Lukas H., "The Auto Rake and Seeder," Naomi I., "Fruit Grabber 200," and Anne K., "Kid’s Kradle" 

3rd Grade Scientists: Landon F., "Swiffer Slippers," Amy R., "Sticker Maker," and Kirsten H., "Lightness Goggles" 

4th Grade STEAM participants: Yuumi O., “Traveling Smiles,” Elliott R., “Sanitizer Wars Return of the Germs," Margaux F., “Fur Baby Fun," Ayla E., “Light without Electricity," Eleanor P., “Chair Saver,” and Sevigny S., “Glow Pillow"

5th Grade scientists: Amber S., "School Prep: A time and motion study," Amber S., "Row, Row Wheelchair," Erin L., "Food Renewer," Erin L, "More Than Just a Seed," Megan S., "Clothes Captures," Joshua K., "The Book Band," and Max E., "Adder 2B" 

Congratulations, Superstar Scientists!


Kindergarten: Collection: Nico W., Invention: Kamila H.

1st Grade: Collection: Charlotte H.

2nd Grade: Invention: Anne K., Invention: Naomi I., Others to move on include: Lukas H.

3rd Grade: Invention: Landon F. and Kirsten H.

4th Grade: Experimental Design: Elliott R. and Invention: Margaux F., Others to move on: Sevigny S.

5th Grade: Experimental Design: Amber S. and Invention: Joshua K. Others to move on: Amber S. and Megan S.