Keep an Open Mind About SheryHigh

Prejudice – Opinions formed without taking time and care to judge fairly.
Prejudice is everywhere,
In every country, state, and town.
Prejudice is always around.
A feeling coming from mindless fools,
Prejudice is even in our schools.
So if you have a minute sit, and
I’ll explain it to you.
You see I go to Shery High,
And we’re all good girls and guys.
But just cause we go to a continuation school,
The prejudice states that we barely even try.
We’re a group of inpiduals
Who are all considered criminals,
Or anything of the sort,
And they give us all bad reports.
But in reality, we’re great hardworking kids.
We’re all different races, from different places
With different styles, and different faces.
To me it’s amazing here prejudice is fading.
Now we all get along. The unity is strong!
When we came, love ones didn’t want us to come;
But we’ve changed. I bet you thought we were dumb.
Here I’ve earned the best grades ever;
You thought I’d change for the bad,
But I’ve changed for the better.
More clever and open minded is how I feel now,
Graduating early too man; it makes me feel proud.
I won’t let your prejudice get me down;
Two years at Shery High has turned my life around.
A vision of unity to me,
Would be to destroy prejudice entirely
Because then, only then
Could we all be free.

Travis Houston
Shery High former student