Photo of Dr. David Feldman

Dr. David Feldman

School Psychologist

Name: David Feldman Ph.D, MFT

Position: Shery High School Psychologist

Short Bio: I have been with TUSD for over 20 years and started at Shery for my second time, Fall of 2015. I love the creative and caring atmosphere of Shery. I amazed at the talents the students exhibit, often in art, music or mechanical abilities that are not always reinforced in the general education setting. I am also a Marriage, Family Therapist and look forward to supporting students with my counseling skills. In my free time I enjoy playing music, skiing, surfing and gardening.


Phone: 310-533-4440 ext. 3628

Favorite quote: “If everyone sweeps their own doorstep, the whole world will be clean".  ~ Goethe