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All parents are required to complete registration for their child before the start of school. This will ensure all information including emergency contacts and health information are up to date. Once registration is complete, parents will be able to access progress reports during the current school year. 

How to access Elementary progress reports in PowerSchool:

  1. Log into your Powerschool account in PowerSchool
  2. Click on the link with your child's name if you have more than one student.
  3. Click "TUSD Resources" on the top left side of the screen.
  4. Click on the "Elementary Progress Report" link under the “Academics” heading . (see Picture 2 below).

Progress reports can be accessed on a mobile device; however, the Powerschool app does not have a link to ECollect Forms.  You can use the Internet browser on your phone to access the full site.

Accessing Progress Reports: Click on TUSD Resources

Accessing Progress Reports: Click on Elementary Progress Reoprts

Accessing Progress Reports


Click here for additional instructions provided on the TUSD website

Please contact the office with any questions.