Our School

Mission Statement

It is the mission of John Adams Elementary school to provide a strong academic program and to create an environment that fosters success for all students.  It is our aim to develop an understanding that cultural and individual differences strengthen our community as well as to nurture in each child the lifelong desire to learn. Building a community where students, parents, and teachers communicate openly will help us to achieve our goal of developing productive, responsible members of our global society.

Our Beliefs

  • All students learn best in an environment that is safe, caring, and supportive.
  • Students learn best when they have a positive self concept.
  • A balanced, challenging educational program promotes success and helps students reach their potential.
  • All students can learn their individual needs and differences are recognized, valued, and addressed.
  • Students are successful when the staff, family, and community work as partners.
  • Education and lifelong learning are the keys to lifelong success.
  • Learning can be fun when it occurs in a joyful, stimulating environment.
  • Staff and students who take pride in their work will do their best at all times.

Adams Elementary Calendar


Adams Elementary Sock Drive

Start: Nov 8, 2022 End: Dec 9, 2022

Multi-Day Event