Mrs. Paulson Room 4

HOMEWORK 11/05-11/09

This week I'll be testing the students on our last 10 sight words.  Please have them practice writing their sight words on both sides but not on the same night, please. Have them practice reading and spelling them. We will be doing N and O as our letters this week.


MONDAY:  Write sight words (1 side of the page 4 times each)                Read 20 minutes


TUESDAY: "N"  and "O" please have the kids practice writing their                                        letters on the blank spaces       Read 20 minutes


WEDNESDAY: Pumpkins in order, please cut and glue in order.

                     Read 20 minutes                                                                                

THURSDAY:    Turkey Match and sight word practice 

                      Read 20 minutes


FRIDAY:  Homework is due, please have students turn in completed                     homework in the bin outside


A copy of the completed homework will be available to see on another section in shutterfly, please look for completed homework.