Mr. Jennewein

TUESDAY _ February 12th - 2019
DAY 95 - 3:12 PM DISMISSAL - 
Fate Does NOT Decide --YOU DO!!! - Dominic
MATH - Math Portfolios and MIND MAPS - Lessons 17 through 24 are Due Today
Three Quarters of the Module Assessment (QUIZ) - Take Home Quiz - 
2nd TRIMESTER -- ENDS IN 13 DAYS - March 1st
Fluency Training - Grid "A" - Five Minutes, Finish on Your Own 
Homework Review - Module 4 Lesson 24
Exit Ticket - Module 4 Lesson 24
Taught and Assigned Module 4 Lesson 25 - Students can divide a whole number by a unit fraction.
Essay 18 - How would you describe yourself to a stranger? - Essay to be Published (Turned into Google Classroom) Tomorrow. Make sure you Brainstorming and Outline Accountability forms are completed and turned in tomorrow as well.
Essay 19 - Outline Document - Think of someone or something that is special to you. Write to explain what is special to you and why. - Look in Classroom on this GOOGLE site
Something or someone evoking intense emotions is important. 
Something or someone you are extremely interested in is important
Something you would like to achieve is important.
Create an essay around an important person or feeling.
ReadWorks.Org - 
Achieve 3000 - 88% or Better on First Try of Activity for Positive Lexile Growth
ST Math - 60% Completed by Friday!
SOCIAL STUDIES - Taxation - Turmoil in the Colonies - Causes of the Revolution - Your Third Classroom day (Plus the Long Weekend) for creating a Google Slide Presentation.