Social Studies:

Mrs. Page's Class: Week of March 23 - 27.

If you haven't already shared your Stamp Act and Townshend Act with me please do so ASAP.

This week you will complete the last two slides for the presentation.  Please share them with me as well.  Remember, this should all be one big slideshow of all the Events Leading to the American Revolution, they should not be separate presentations.

Slide Six: The Tea Act

Include the following: Date of The Tea Act, Description of The Tea Act, What was the colonists’ reaction to the Tea Act? What was the British reaction to The Boston Tea Party?

Have a picture that represents the Tea Act.

Slide Seven:  The Coercive Acts 

Include the following: Date of Coercive Acts, Description of Coercive Acts.  Include the following: Closing the Port of Boston, Blocking the Massachusetts legislature from making laws, and the Quartering Act.

Have picture that represents the Coercive Acts.


Past Assignments if you need to catch up:

Stamp Act:  We started this last week.  Remember to have the date, a description, what the colonists' reaction was, and a picture.  Include information on the Committees of Correspondence.  Was this act repealed?

Townshend Act:  Include the date, a description of the act, was the act repealed, and a picture.  Include information on the Daughters of Liberty in the description. 

Boston Massacre:  Go to storyboard that and create a three cell storyboard.  The Boston Massacre should be re-enacted in these three cells.  Break the Massacre into three sections.  The first could be Name Calling, the second could be Snow Balls, and the third could be Massacre.  Have a title at the top, a picture that represents the scene, and then a short description on the bottom.

Share the Stamp Act and the Townshend Act with me.  I will check the Boston Massacre when we return to school.



Storyboard That website: