STEAM Fair Winners


Thank you to all who participated in this year's STEAM Fair! Congratulations to all our winners and those going on to the Invention Convention. 

1st Grade

1st place       Cooper Pung            collections

2nd place      Elise Sharma           collections 

3rd place       Steve Le                    collections


2nd Grade

1st place       Macen Huynh          invention

2nd place      Kara Miyashiro        invention

3rd place       Elsie Bowman         invention


3rd Grade

1st place       Ethan Chung          invention

2nd place       Bruce Cheung      invention

3rd place       Noheal Morris         invention


4th Grade
1st place         LIa Osawa             invention

1st place         Megan Nguyen     experimental

2nd place       Mateo Perez          experimental

3rd place        Conor Kanai           experimental


5th Grade
1st place        Makoa Urbino           invention

1st place        Kazan Kunisaki         experimental

2nd place      Emmanuel Hulett   experimental

3rd  place      Brynn Phan               experimental


Students who qualified to attend the Invention Convention:

Carl Augustine

Drake Huynh

Ezra Khan

Alexander Petrovich

Thomas Alvarado