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Anza Elementary School

Anza Elementary School

21400 Ellinwood Drive Torrance, CA 90503 | 310-533-4559, ext. 0
Principal: Barbara Marks

Phone Numbers

  • Office: (310) 533-4559, ext. 0
  • After-hours messages: (310) 533-4559, ext. 2281
  • Fax: (310) 972-6386

The office is open daily between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Principal's Message
Dear Anza Parents and Students,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year at Anza Elementary School! The fall presents a time for new beginnings and educational opportunities! Our goal at Anza Elementary is to maintain an environment that encourages growth by working as a team made up of students, staff and parents.

Anza is an outstanding school and has a history of success. We have tremendous teachers, staff and community support. I encourage all of you to be involved in school activities and programs. The amount of hours the volunteers put in at Anza is unmatched by any other school! That is quite impressive!

The priority of Anza is always students and education, but we will have some changes this year as we prepare to be renovated during the summer. Our class rooms will be have some nice new upgrades as well as our facilities on the campus. We may even experience some minor renovations during the school year as well!! Our faculty and staff are excited for the new changes and will continue to provide a quality education for the students.

The website contains most of the information and calendar dates you will need thru the year to guide you. Anza communication is mainly paperless, so please be sure to check the communicator online weekly. There are some adjustments that occur thru the year so be sure to check regularly for updates.

I look forward to working and meeting everyone and having a successful and productive school year!

Barbara Marks
Principal, Anza Elementary

Anza Elementary Mission Statement

At Anza Elementary, it is our mission to educate the whole child and to provide a balanced instructional program that is driven by student needs and abilities. The staff is committed to creating an optimal environment that addresses the academic, emotional, social, and physical needs of each child. We will strive to empower our student to develop positive characteristics that will encourage them to become lifelong learners and contributing members of society.

Anza Vision Statement

At Anza Elementary School we believe that:

  • Education is the partnership of all -- parents, students, staff, and community.
  • Everyone's participation and ideas are important and valued.
  • High expectations are supported by a positive, organized learning environment.
  • Curriculum focuses on active learning and developing thinking skills.
  • Individual differences are respected and encouraged.
  • Education prepares students for their futures.
  • Communication between home, the school, and the community are open and responsive.
  • School is a place where people problem-solve together.
  • Learning is a joyful experience.