Bullying Prevention & Awareness

October is Bullying Awareness and Prevention month.

We wear orange for Unity Day on Wednesday October 18th to remind us of all of the ways we are more alike than different. All bully-free lessons and activities are provided as appropriate for the student's developmental level and needs.

When we 'Start With Hello', we get to know each other and learn that it is always the right time to be kind.

Students learn how to “Stop, Walk, and Talk” in response to hurtful or unfair actions by others.

Students learn about different types of bullying, its effects on all those involved, and what they can do about it as well as what they can expect be done when it is reported. 

Students share how they are feeling about their school, teachers and other students by taking the climate survey which helps the school community learn areas where we are excelling as well as those areas we can improve.

Resources and Guides