Active Parenting For Parents of Kids ages 5-12

Parents of Kids ages 5-12

You’re invited to attend Active Parenting For Parents of Kids ages 5-12

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It’s a tremendous responsibility to raise your children to be thoughtful, responsible, confident people. You can achieve a fuller, more satisfying family life, and help your children achieve greater happiness and success. In these 6 sessions filled with videos, discussions, and real-world examples ACTIVE PARENTING will give you the support and techniques you’ll need to meet these challenges. You’ll learn:

▪ Methods of nonviolent discipline that really work
▪ Skills to open lines of communication—before they get clogged
▪ To prevent future problems with drugs, alcohol, and other issues
▪ To encourage school success
▪ To stop scolding your kids and to start smiling with them again

Wednesdays, 5:00-7:00 p.m. Sept. 26 – Nov. 14
Location TUSD offices, near Torrance High School
Free Refreshments at each session

To sign up please contact: Carolina Esquivias at (310)972-6981 OR esquivias.carolina @