Safety Bulletin: Walking to and from school

Anza Eagles

Dear Anza Parents and Guardians:

The safety and welfare of our students is always our highest priority at Anza Elementary School.  Occasionally we get reports from around the community of students encountering a suspicious person or vehicle when walking to or from school.  We want to take this opportunity to remind parents to talk to their child(ren) about safely walking to and from school. 

Here are a few recommendations to share with your kids:

1. Walk with a friend or in groups when possible.

2. Be aware of your surroundings.

3. Report any suspicious person(s) to a trusted adult immediately.

4. Pick a route with your child and make sure they stick to it.

5. Be careful near traffic and obey all traffic laws (cross the street at crosswalks).

Walking is fun, but students need to be safe while doing it.  Please remind students to follow these tips to make sure they get to and from school without incident.

Also a reminder to parents and guardians:  Please obey all parking laws and listen to valet and crossing guard instructions before and after school.  Even though Anza has staggered starting and dismissal times, it can get very busy in front of the school at these times.  Please respect the neighborhood and consider parking further away and walk up to get your student(s) or agree on a meeting place on one of the nearby streets for your child to meet you.

Barbara Marks