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(More information will be provided on Back to School Night)

1 small towel
1 pocket packet of tissue paper
1 small packet of baby wipes
2 small cans of juice
2 small commercially vaccum-packed snacks
1 old sweatshirt or sweater
1 small picture of the family
1 large trash bag (to use as a raincoat if necessary)

You will need to add to the kit a sweatshirt or sweater, and a personal photo of your family. 

All students are required to have a survival kit at school. Please look for the form in your child's folder. All forms must be submitted to your child's teacher along with a cash payment of Price TBDAll forms must be received by TBD. 

The above lists are meant to be guidelines for what each grade level generally uses in the classroom. If you would like to help the class by making a donation, the above items would be appreciated. These items are suggested, not required.

The school provides all basic school supplies. If an item is required for an assignment, the school will provide it. Your child's grades will not be lowered if you do not or cannot make a donation.