Attendance & Tardiness Policy

Attendance | Email:

Prompt and regular attendance at school is required by law for all children. Children who are ill or who may expose other children to illness should not be sent to school. If your child will not be in attendance on any school day, please email our Office Assistant, Ms. Kathy, at or call the Attendance Office at (310) 533-4484 x4382 or click on this link: Wood Elementary Absence Notification.

Every absence must be explained by the parent or guardian stating the exact date and reason for the absence. Absence notes can be turned into the student's teacher. If you wish your child to be dismissed early, please send a note to the child’s teacher. You must come to the office and sign out your child. Teachers will be contacted by the office before allowing a child to leave the classroom. 

School districts no longer receive funding from the State of California for students who are absent from school. If you find it necessary to keep your child out of school for reasons other than illness, we encourage you to send your child to school for at least part of the day so that your child will not be counted absent and also will not miss out on important school assignments. It is crucial that local schools continue to receive the financial resources necessary to provide quality educational services and reduce program cuts.

Excused Absences

A student's absence shall be excused for the following reasons: personal illness, health quarantine, medical/dental appointment, appearance in court, funeral, religious holiday/ceremony/instruction, naturalization ceremony to become a U.S. citizen, or to spend time with his/her immediate family member who is an active duty member of the uniformed services and has been called to duty for deployment to a combat zone or a combat support position or is on leave from or has immediately returned from deployment.

Unexcused Absences

A student will be marked unexcused for the following reasons, unless excused by the principal: visit to a theme park, vacation, not sick and taking a personal day, no transportation, or parent/guardian does not report reason for absence.

Absences for Three or More Days

If your child is absent for three or more days, your child is eligible for an Independent Study Contract which keeps your child up to date on their class work. Please advise the child's teacher (email, call, or send a note to the teacher) and the attendance office (send email to if your child will be absent for three or more days. An Independent Study Contract will be created for the student to complete during the extended absence. Parent/Guardian should provide notice to the teacher as soon as possible so that the teacher has time to put together a lesson plan for the student. The parent/guardian should pick up the schoolwork and/or ensure they have received all the information online prior to the beginning of the student's extended absence.


If your child is late for school, they will need to go to the office prior to going to their classroom. The office will issue a tardy slip to your child to give to the teacher. Being tardy begins immediately after the bell rings at 8:59 for grades TK-3 and 8:50 am for grades 4 and 5. This policy applies to all students, Kindergarten through 5th grade.