Wood Elementary's motto is "The School With a Heart".  We recognize how important it is to build a partnership with our families and community. 

We strive to make the world a better place by being inclusive, supportive, and to join with groups that support that focus. 

VOLUNTEERING: All of our programs (Library, AIA, Bike Rodeo), are facilitated through our PTA volunteers.  If you would like to be approved as a future volunteer, the application form is now online.  You must go to TUSD.ORG and answer the questions and submit your application.  Along with answering the questions, you will need to provide a PDF scan of your TB test or screening, your Covid vaccine, and your driver's license or other id. 

All Volunteers must have proof of a Covid vaccine.

If you did not get a Covid vaccine, you must provide proof of a negative PCR Covid-19 test within the last week.  Because the test results expire in one week, your volunteer application will expire in one week, and so you will need to resubmit the volunteer form with the new test results and the other scans each week that you want to volunteer, at least 1 school day prior to volunteering.

Link to Volunteer Form