WHS Bell Schedule Beginning March 25, 2021

Monday as a Holiday - Virtual Learning Schedule

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Monday as a Holiday - Virtual Learning Schedule

Parents, Are You having trouble logging in to child's teachers Virtual Learning Platforms?

It is important that you are checking your child's work and progress and by access the learning platform your teachers have set up, you now can! Check out our TUSD Parent Distance Learning portal on TUSD.org  by clicking HERE ---> TUSD PARENT DISTANCE LEARNNG PORTAL OR  If you have  login issues click here for: PARENT DISTANCE LEARNNG TECHNICAL SUPPORT

West High misses seeing our Warriors on campus.  We hope you are doing well and staying healthy.  With this uncertain time, it is normal to feel a little stressed, anxious and overwhelmed.  For this reason, we wanted to send you a reminder about self-care!  Self-care is important for your health and wellness.  Sometimes you may not realize that pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion can make you counterproductive.  With self-care, you are able to make progress faster -- it prevents burnout, reduces negative effects of stress, and helps you refocus.  Just like eating and sleeping is important for your well-being, finding time to implement a self-care routine is vital to reaching your life goals. Your West High Counseling team has put together a Mental Health Choice Board for you --> Click Here Try to find 15-30 minutes each day to do an activity -- we want you to take care of "YOU!"