Class of 2020 Important Ceremony Dates

Baccalaureate Ceremony

Friday, June 5, 2020 at 6pm,

Click here to enjoy the Class of 2020 Baccalaureate Virtual Ceremony.  


Graduation Ceremony Viewing Event

Thursday, June 11, 2020 at 8:30pm 

A video link will also be sent to our Senior Families so those who are unable to attend may watch along with us from the comforts of home. 


Class of 2020 Decision Day Presentation - Congratulations Warriors!


Senior Diploma Pick-Up

Note EDIT: Seniors are assigned times by Alpha Counselor and then last name for Wednesday, June 10th at the front office ACR and Office Windows (located off of Victor Street on the front lawn, near the fire hydrant). Please practice social distancing, and come prepared in your protective face mask and gloves. 

Diploma Pick Up: Wednesday, June 10th -

Counselors: Garcia and Druten at 9:00

  • 1 ACR Window: A-Ba and  Le-Ma
  • 2 ACR Window: Be-Ca and Mc-Na
  • Spotts Office Window: Ce-Cr and Ne-Pa
  • Jim Office Window: De-Fe and P-Ra

Counselors: Barricklow Lau Breakdown at 10:30am 

  • 1 ACR Window: Re-Sc and Fi-G
  • 2 ACR Window:Sh-Sy and H-I
  • Spotts Office Window:T-Vu and J - Kim
  • Jim Office Window: W-Z Jim Office Window: Kir- La

Information from the West High Principal (See: Link) and Student Activities Offices (See:Notes below):

Click Here for ---> Senior Parent and Student Memorandum from the Student Activities Office regarding Gap and Gown, and Senior Material Pick-Up and Drop Off - May 26, 2020

Click Here for ---> Senior Parent Memorandum from the Principal's Office - May 7, 2020

Information from the WHS Student Activities Office (As of May 7, 2020): We understand there is much anticipation about end of the year and what has been planned for seniors. Please know that we have been working very hard on behalf of the Class of 2020 to make this year memorable, despite the circumstances. For some of the activities/events that we’ve planned, we need your help in making them even better and more personal for every senior and their family!  Since instruction has gone virtual, so has our ASB office! We have set up an all senior google classroom to get information to all of you regarding year end, as well as collecting photos to be used in our virtual Baccalaureate and Graduation productions. If you need the link and passcode to the Senior Google Classroom please email our Activities Director, Sue Eriksen at We want EVERYONE represented, so we will need photos from you.

Make sure you refer to the Cap and Gown section on this page as well.


Senior Reminders and Deadlines:

  1. CSU/UC is due November 30th.
  2. December is the last month to take the SAT or ACT for CSU/UC systems. Students need to send official scores to colleges.
  3. Apply to El Camino College (or other CC’s) now!! Application is available!
  4. El Camino College Trip is December 6th. Students must first apply as they MUST have ECC ID number. On the trip, can do orientation and see a counselor for an educational plan. Also get a tour. (Only 50 spots). Check your eTUSD email for details.  
  5. FAFSA  (apply now -- $$ is first come, first serve), many colleges have priority deadlines
  6. TUSD Local Scholarship application is being moved to an online format. We will announce when available.
  7. Online/Odysseyware/Etc. - Already ½ way through 1st semester.  You must complete your class by January 24th to count towards graduation.
  8. Mental Health Awareness Night is tonight at 6 pm in PAC


Cap and Gown Orders

If you purchased your cap and gown, then those cap and gown orders will be delivered by approximately the end of May to the first week of June.  If you have not ordered a cap and gown yet, the deadline has passed.  Please email if you have any questions or concerns. I

We want photos of YOU! Photos (DEADLINE EXTENDED to Friday, MAY 29th)

Please upload to the Google Classroom assignment found here, a maximum of 3 photos (we will use as many as we can in our virtual events) of you. Types of pictures we are looking for are as follows:

Make sure the pictures are horizontal. Submit only 3 please:

1) you and your friends at a West High event

2) you and your teammates at a game in uniform

3) you and your teammates performing or group photo with your performing arts group

4) you and your club

5) you and your family members

6) you and your friends in your favorite lunch spot

7) you and your friends at a rally in your class colors

8) you in a picture with your college gear showing the school you will be attending

One more thing! Once you receive your cap and gown, submit a video filmed vertically on your phone:* you in your cap and gown, tossing your cap in the air. 

Remember, we only want 3 photos (horizontal) and 1 video tossing cap (vertical) once you receive your cap.  We cannot guarantee they will be able to use ALL of your photos in the production, but we will use as many as we can for each student who submits. Remember, we want EVERYONE to participate!