2019- 2020 Academic Year

AP and Honors Summer Assignments

  • The classes listed below have summer assignments
  • If a class states that there is No textbook for summer, it means you will not check out a textbook from the library for that class.
  • Please note that you must be enrolled in the course to check out the books for the noted assignments.
  • To check out a summer textbook, you must have all textbooks from the previous school year turned in, and you must bring your student ID to check out the books.

AP and Honors Textbook Checkout for Summer Assignments

These are the only times we will check out AP/Honors textbooks. If you cannot make these times, you can send someone with your ID to check out your books for you. No exceptions.

  • Thursday, 6/20/19       1:45 - 3:00 p.m.           Library
  • Friday, 6/21/19            8:00 – 10:00 a.m.        Library

AP and Honors Summer Assignment Links:


Astrobiology 2019-2020 Summer Reading (optional textbook for summer)

AP Classes:

AP Biology 2019-2020 (Book for summer is optional/have access to eBook)

AP Chemistry 2019-2020 Assignment and AP Chem Textbook Info  (Need textbook for summer)

AP Computer Science Program 2019-2020 (No textbook for summer)

AP Environmental Science  2019-2020 (No textbook for summer)

AP Government 2019-2020 (need to check out special book from TEACHER for summer)

AP Japanese 2019-2020 (no textbook for summer)

AP Language and Composition 2019-2020 (need novel for summer - or buy your own copy)

AP Literature and Composition 2019-2020: (no textbook for summer) The summer assignment for AP Lit is always posted on elwoodeducation.com 


AP Music Theory 2019-2020 Part I Letter (no textbook for summer)

AP Music Theory 2019-2020 Part II Review Packet

AP Music Theory 2019-2020 Part III Comprehension Worksheet

AP Physics 2019-2020 Part I - (optional textbook for summer)

AP Physics 2019-2020 Part II - From Newton to Einstein

AP Studio Art 2019-2020 Part I, AP Studio Art Part II (no textbook for summer)

AP Spanish 2019-2020 (no textbook for summer)

AP US History 2019-2020 Part I (need textbook for summer)

AP US History 2019-2020 Part II. Use the following links:  Cornell Notes Instructions and Rubric, Cornell Notes Examples, Cornell Notes Blank Page

Honor Classes:

Anatomy and Physiology Honors 2019-2020 (need textbook for summer)

English 1 Honors 2019-2020 (no textbook for summer)

English 2 Honors 2019-2020 (no textbook for summer)

Korean 3H, 4H, and 5H 2019-2020 (no textbook for summer)

Spanish 2 Honors 2019-2020 (no textbook for summer)

Spanish 3 Honors 2019-2020 (no textbook for summer)