Welcome to the Walteria Elementary Counseling Department!

School Counseling Mission Statement 

The mission of the Walteria school counseling department is to provide a comprehensive school counseling program that empowers all students to discover their full potential through their growth in academic, personal, and social/emotional domains. In partnership with all stakeholders, the school counselor will encourage all students to become successful lifelong learners and problem solvers. 

School Counseling Vision Statement 

The Walteria Elementary School counseling program envisions a future where all of our students are productive and compassionate members of society using their talents, abilities, and gifts to make lasting and positive impacts. 

The Walteria Elementary Counseling Department believes: 

Each student has dignity and worth.

Each student is an individual and learns at their own pace.

Each student can achieve academic, career, and social/emotional success. 

Each student deserves to be a member of a school community that is culturally compassionate and that celebrates their unique qualities. 

Each student should be accounted for and feel valued. 

Each student can learn to become self-advocates and resilient in facing life’s challenges. 

Students thrive when their individuality is recognized and encouraged in the school setting. 

Each student has access to a school counselor who advocates for their academic, career, and social/emotional needs. 

Each student has the right to participate in a school counseling program that is accountable and implemented with fidelity and consistency. 

Each student’s needs (ethnic, cultural, racial, socioeconomic, gender differences, and developmental and emotional exceptionalities) are considered in the planning and implementing of the school counseling program. 

The school counselor will use data to design, implement, evaluate and continuously improve the comprehensive school counseling program.

The school counselor will abide by the American School Counselor Association’s Ethical Standards for School Counselors to make informed decisions based on the highest moral principles.