School Counseling - FAQ 

What does a School Counselor do?

The school counselor delivers a comprehensive, data-driven school counseling program focused on direct and indirect student services. This is done through tiered program planning and implementation of classroom lessons, small groups, individual counseling, and more!

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What concerns can parents contact the counselor about? 

Parents can contact the counselor regarding any school or personal concerns about their child. The concerns typically have an impact on their learning. The counselor will help address the concern and/or suggest alternative resources.

How can my child get an appointment with the counselor? 

Parents/guardians, teachers, and students can make referrals by phone, email, or appointment. Students may also submit a “student check-in request” or tell their teacher they would like to speak with the counselor. When referred, students are seen individually or in small groups. Usually, the student and counselor work together to establish an individual goal related to the student's initial concern. While confidentiality is an inherent part of the counseling relationship, children are encouraged to share with their parents/guardians. School counseling services are not a substitute for therapy, but if your student needs therapy or other intensive services, please contact the counselor for referrals.

Can my student be a part of a small group?

Possibly! Small groups are formed based on students’ needs, grade level, scheduling, universal screening data, teacher recommendation, and individual student screening. If your student would be a good fit for a group, permission forms with more information will be sent home.

Counseling Resources in the Community

Care Solace 

A simple, fast, and safe tool for connecting with mental health providers, regardless of insurance. 

TUSD Virtual Wellness Center

An online portal to help students, families, and staff access mental health and wellness resources.